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You Must Be Logged In To Add Locations.

How To Plot A Cop

You MUST be logged in through Facebook to add locations.

Click the map where you saw the cop and fill out the form.


Click "Plot Cop"

Voice Commands

You can control some of the features of the site by activating the voice command under "Map Functions".

"Map Cop" - add a cop location to the map

"Map Center" - will recenter the map to your location

"Map Reload" - will reload the map

"Map Hybrid" - will change the style of the map

"Map Satellite" - will change the style of the map

"Map Terrain" or "Map Train" - will change the style of the map

"Map Default" or "Map Original" - will change the style of the map.

"Map Up" - will pan the map up

"Map Down" - will pan the map down

"Map Left" - will pan the map left

"Map Right" - will pan the map right

"Zoom In" - will zoom the map in

"Zoom Out" will zoom the map out

"Zoom #" - say zoom then a number between 1 and 20 to set the zoom level.

"Traffic On" - will turn the traffic layer on

"Traffic Off" - will turn the traffic layer off

"Audio Stop" - will disable the voice recognition.

"Heat Map" - will toggle the heat map off or on.

"Facebook Events" - will fetch your events.

"Facebook Checkins" - will fetch your checkins.

"Facebook Logout" - will log you out.

Privacy Policy

We do not share your location with any other users or 3rd parties, and we do not store you location information.

No one will ever know the identity of the users posting locations.

You can choose to share on Facebook when adding a loction. This is the only way that anyone else will know that you've posted a location.

Facebook - Upon logging in to the site we request some personal info from facebook. Its recommended to allow all for a full experience although feel free to allow all or none of these

User Events - Plot and provide directions to your events on Facebook.

User Checkins - Plot and provide directions to your past locations and checkins.