Map The Police

Map The Police is a “crowd mapping” web-application that is aimed at mapping the police force in your community.
The goal is to map the police and identify common places or “hot spots” where they conduct road blocks, speed traps or places used to run radar. We believe this will ultimately lead to safer roads & conditions for drivers from all walks of life.

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How Map The Police Works

Gotta make a drive? Have the Radar Map pulled up and ready to go in your browser.

See a cop running radar or pulling someone over? Good, we need to map that. Click “Add Cop”.

If everything is looking good, the location will be added to the map and remain active for 24 hours.

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Easy to read, easy to use. Map police officers as they conduct radar and speed traps in real time. Map the police does not track cameras, school zones or construction sites helping keep our map focused on police locations.

Police Abuse Map

The Police Abuse Map is a searchable database of news articles of incidents involving police officers in the United States.

  • New York, NY, USANYPD cop Officer Harold Avalo raped, took naked pictures of woman View Story
  • Lake County, FL, USALake Deputy Thomas Jones Thompson arrested in road-rage incident - Orlando Sentinel View Story
  • Federal Heights, CO, USABody cam video shows Federal Heights Officer torturing detainee View Story
  • Kiowa, OK 74553, USAOklahoma police officer arrested after allegedly abducting teen | View Story

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